Resources to Help You Enroll Online

In this area, you will find information about how to self-enroll online for a health insurance plan, beginning with comparing health plans and creating an online account. Then, you will find out how to complete your online application and select a health plan.

The Application Process

When you apply for coverage through Covered California, you will first answer a few simple questions that determine your eligibility for financial help through Covered California, or for the free or low-cost Medi-Cal program.

Previewing Plans With the Shop and Compare Tool

The Shop and Compare Tool lets you compare health plans side by side. If your income and household size make you eligible for financial help, this tool will estimate how much your monthly premium will be.

Setting up Your Online Account

Setting up an online account is an important step in the self-enrollment process. Having an account allows you to view your application online and update your account information. To learn how to set up your username and password, visit the Creating an Online Account page.

Completing and Submitting Your Application

The application consists of four main sections that cover your household, personal information, income, and additional information to help determine your eligibility for Covered California.

Check the Documents to Confirm Eligibility page to make sure you have the right documents on hand when you fill out your application.

Did you or someone in your household qualify for Medi-Cal? Visit the Medi-Cal page for more information.

Selecting a Plan

After you submit your application, the next step is to choose a health plan. You can also select an adult dental plan at this time. While reviewing the plans, you will have the option to choose the plan you want and add it to your shopping cart.

Covered California plans have different coverage levels, also known as metal tiers. Find out more about the four levels of health coverage.


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