Marketing and Branding Policies

Community enrollment partners are encouraged to promote Covered California by co-branding your marketing materials with the Covered California or community enrollment partner logo.

You can also reproduce and distribute marketing collateral made available on our website. Check out the Printable Materials page for a sample of print-ready material.

Community enrollment partner logos are available to download and can be found on the Logos and Brand Style Guide page.

The logo was developed to let consumers know that you have met the requirements established for certification by Covered California. This logo can only be used by certified insurance community enrollment partners who have a signed Community Enrollment Partners Agreement with Covered California. Covered California’s trademark and logos must be used appropriately while advertising in the marketplace. Before developing any consumer-facing materials, it is important that you follow the Brand Style Guide.

Link to Us

Community enrollment partners can add either the Covered California or community enrollment partner logo to their website. You can also link to Covered California’s website by adding a button that makes it easier to connect with us.

For instructions and the HTML code, visit the Link to Us page.


It is important to note that you cannot use “Covered CA,” “Covered California,” or “California Health Benefit Exchange” as any part of your domain name. Additionally, if you use the logos on your website, you must also include the following disclaimer on your homepage, as well as any “Who We Are” or “About Us” pages:

This website is owned and maintained by [Community Enrollment Partners/Entity Name], which is solely responsible for its content. This site is not maintained by or affiliated with Covered California, and Covered California bears no responsibility for its content. The e-mail addresses and telephone number that appears throughout this site belong to [Community Enrollment Partners/Entity Name] and cannot be used to contact Covered California.

For More Information

Please send any questions regarding marketing or branding to

Covered California Stores

Covered California Print Store.
Covered California Online Store.

Covered California Storefront Program

The Covered California Storefront Program was designed to increase the visibility of free, local and confidential in-person enrollment assistance for consumers. Community enrollment partners can connect to the Covered California brand by electing to open a storefront in their community. Participation in the program is free.

Consumers looking for local, in-person assistance with their application can use the Storefront Finder Tool to search for storefronts by ZIP code, hours of operation and languages spoken.

Watch our consumer-facing video in English and Spanish and review our User Guide to learn how consumers connect to Covered California storefronts.

Review our eligibility and signage requirements and apply to become a storefront.

Covered California Events

Events provide opportunities for consumers to get free assistance from certified enrollers.

Submit new Events.
View approved Events here.