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Overview: "How Can Covered California Help Your Small Business?"
What: "What is Covered California for Small Business?"
Choice: "Covered California for Small Business: Choices in Your Health Insurance"
Empathy: "Covered California for Small Business: We're here to Help"
Tax Credit: "Covered California for Small Business: You Could Qualify for a Tax Credit"
Help: "How can a Certified Insurance Agent help you?"
How: "How does Covered California for Small Business work?"
Budget Control: "CCSB Health Plan Budget Control | Reference Plan Strategy"

Covered California for Small Business and Agents Webinar

Learn more about Covered California’s small business program and how it works. Gain insight on what tools and resources are available to help agents sell and see how the small business program has garnered statewide and national attention.

Slide Deck and Video Recording

Small Business Online Agent Enrollment Portal Training Webinar

Learn how to navigate Covered California’s small business online agent enrollment portal system.

Video Recording and log into our Small Business Online Agent Enrollment Portal

Affordable Care Act Information for Small Businesses Webinar

Gain a better understanding of the Affordable Care Act of 2014's tax provisions and responsibilities for small businesses. Learn the latest updates to the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. Webinar presented by: Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Department of Labor and Covered California.

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