Become a CCSB Certified Insurance Agent

Welcome to Covered California for Small Business (CCSB). CCSB certifies licensed insurance agents to enroll California small businesses into affordable, high-quality group health insurance plans. Licensed insurance agents can become certified with CCSB once they complete all requirements of the certification process.

Benefits of selling Covered California for Small Business:

  • It’s easy to enroll: CCSB has a competitive online enrollment process, which allows cases to be submitted and implemented with a quick turnaround.

  • Competitive agent commission schedule and offered incentive program: Review the Agency Agreement Schedule of Commissions to understand commissions paid for CCSB employer groups and the incentive plans offered.

  • Federal tax credits: Small-business owners may qualify for a federal tax credit to offset the cost of providing health insurance to their employees by purchasing coverage through Covered California for Small Business.

  • Variety of choice: Small-business owners can offer their employees multiple plan options from leading health insurance companies in California, including statewide and regional HMO and PPO networks, dental, infertility benefits and out-of-state access.

  • Budget control: Small businesses can also choose their level of contribution and let their employees choose their coverage.

  • Employee-only coverage: CCSB offers the option for employee-only coverage, and if the employer elects to exclude dependents, the dependents may be eligible for subsidies through Covered California’s individual marketplace.

Please Note: If you are currently a Covered California Certified Insurance Agent and are selling for the individual market, you already have dual certification to enroll California small businesses, individuals and families into coverage. If you were at one time dual-certified and your certification has been terminated, you will need to complete the CCSB certification if you want to sell only CCSB plans.

Ready to get started? Visit the CCSB Training and Certification Steps to begin the certification process for Covered California for Small Business.