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Renew Your Health Insurance for 2020

We want to make sure you are enrolled in the best plan with the best value for your health coverage needs. The renewal period is the perfect time to compare your current plan with other plans in your area.

For the first time ever, almost a million people could receive additional financial help from the state of California. This means you may now qualify for financial help even if you didn’t in the past. Or, if you received help in the past, you may receive even more help than you did before! The amount of financial help you could get depends on your income, where you live and your family size. Use the Shop and Compare Tool to see your health plan options and rates.

See how easy it is to explore your options by watching this video.  

A new law requires that California residents have health coverage that meets state requirements, have an exemption, or pay a penalty. Learn more here. You may be able to afford health insurance with additional financial help California is providing through Covered California. 

Get detailed instructions on renewing your health plan for 2020 here.

Once you’ve completed the renewal process, watch this video to learn more about what to expect after you enroll.