“We are very happy being able to offer multiple plans to the team…that we can offer a PPO and HMO as options.”

-CCSB Customer*

George from Covered California on Vimeo.

Hear why 85%* of our customers would recommend CCSB to other small business owners:

“After much research, I found that CCSB offered the most comparable insurance coverage programs and the most comparable pricing to what we had before. We've now had CCSB for over two years and have been very happy with it.”
“I like that the program offers plans through multiple carriers, and that my employees get to choose.”
“I like that employees have a choice of plans that fits their financial needs.”
“Your customer service people are fantastic -friendly, helpful...couldn't ask for better service”
“Simplicity. Once the agent explained everything, the sign-up process was seamless, and we transitioned from a no insurance offered company to one that has offered a great product to our employees.”
*Customer quotes based on a May 2019 independent survey of current CCSB customers from Vision Strategy and Insights.