CCSB Agent Agreements and Compensation Structure

To align with Covered California for Small Business’ agency contracting structure, all CCSB Certified Insurance Agents must sign either the CCSB Agency Agreement or the CCSB Non-Monetary Agreement.

The CCSB Agency Agreement is to be completed by the agency manager. If the agency manager does not have the authority to sign on behalf of the agency, Covered California for Small Business requires an authorized signer to complete the Agreement, in addition to the agency manager. 

The agency manager is responsible for all business submitted to CCSB and the management of all agents using that agency’s Tax ID. 

The CCSB Non-Monetary Agreement is to be completed by agents who are employed by agencies in order to associate them with that agency, and to ensure the agent meets contractual obligations with CCSB. No information will be collected for commission-payment purposes because all commissions will be reported under the agency’s FEIN.

The Agent Commission Structure (PDF) outlines the commission-payment source for Covered California for Small Business enrollments.