Estimating, Adjusting and Repaying Financial Help

We ask you to estimate your household income for the upcoming year so that we can determine how much financial help you receive.

But what if you end up earning more during the year, or less?

Your premium assistance amount would be different. During the year, if you notice that your earnings are higher or lower than your estimate, be sure to notify Covered California so that we can adjust your premium assistance.

Covered California will send you a statement called a Form 1095-A that shows how much premium assistance you received during the year you were covered. You will need that form when you file your taxes. If Covered California does not have accurate income information when calculating your premium assistance, you may receive too little during the year, and you will receive a tax credit. Or you may receive too much and have to pay some or all of it back at tax time. There are limits to the amount you may need to repay, depending on your income.

2019 Federal Repayment Limits

Household Income Single Family
<200% FPL $300 $600
200% – 300% $800 $1,600
300% – < 400% $1,325 $2,650
> 400% All premium assistance received

If you need repayment limits for previous years or more information on 2019 repayment limits and reconciliation, please visit You can find the limits by searching for Form 8962 Instructions for the year you need.