Where can I find a list of all providers (doctors, hospitals and children's dentists) offered in a plan I am considering?

While you're shopping for a health plan through Covered California, you can view a list of in-network doctors for each plan. This is the best way to get a quick overview of the doctors near you. 

Start by using the Shop and Compare Tool. Once you are on the page displaying your health plan options, click the “View Detail” button in the bottom-right corner of a plan’s description. There is a feature on this page that lets you see the names of all the doctors in your area. In the “Doctors and Facilities” section, select the “View Map” button to see the location of doctors included in the plan. 

For a more detailed search of providers included in a health plan — including pharmacies, medical equipment, urgent care centers, mental health providers and alternative medicine — select the “Provider Directory” link on the left-hand side of the “View Health Plan Details” page to be taken to the health plan’s website. 

Both directories are good tools for Covered California consumers and every effort is made to keep them up to date, but you should verify with the providers of your choice that they accept the plan before enrolling and seeking care. 

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