Who can get a health plan through Covered California?

California residents who don’t have an offer of affordable coverage can get a health plan through Covered California.  

In addition, most immigrants qualify for health coverage, including the following groups:  

  • Lawful permanent residents (green card holders). 
  • Lawful temporary residents. 
  • Persons fleeing persecution, including refugees and asylees. 
  • Other humanitarian immigrants, including those granted temporary protected status. 
  • Non-immigrant status holders (including worker visas and student visas). 

Both lawfully present and not lawfully present individuals can apply through Covered California to see if they are eligible for a health plan through Covered California or Medi-Cal with no “waiting period” or “five-year bar.” Immigrants who aren’t lawfully present do not qualify for a health plan through Covered California; however, they may qualify for coverage through Medi-Cal.

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