Once I’m enrolled, what do I do next?

After enrolling, new members will receive a welcome letter and a brochure from Covered California. You will also get an enrollment package and membership ID card from your health insurance company.

You can use services covered by your health insurance plan starting the next month after you make your first payment, even before your membership ID card has arrived.

If you haven’t already, be sure the provider (a doctor or other health service provider) you want to see is participating in the health plan network you have selected. If you visit the provider before you receive your membership ID card, you may be asked to sign a statement agreeing to pay for the services if you cannot prove you have health insurance.

The provider may later send you a bill (a “claim”) for the care. It is likely that by the time you get a bill or claim from your provider, you will already be entered into your health insurance company’s system. Once you have your membership ID card, simply contact your provider, provide them your membership ID card number and ask to have the bill resubmitted directly to your health insurance company.

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