Silver Plan Details

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$900 to $8,750 $1,800 to $17,500
Out-of-Pocket Maximum
$75 to $4,750 $150 to $9,500
Medical Deductible
$0 to $85 $0 to $170
Pharmacy Deductible

Free Preventive Care

Your health plan isn’t just there for you when you’re sick. Stay healthy with annual wellness visits, vaccines, screenings and more — all at no extra cost to you. 



Wellness Visits


Screenings and Immunizations


Prenatal Care


Screening and Counseling for Children

You don’t need to worry about spending a certain amount before savings kick in. These services are covered from day one.

$5 to $45 Doctor Visits
$8 to $85 Specialist Visits
$5 to $45 Mental Health Outpatient Visits and Services

In an emergency, you shouldn’t have to worry about high medical bills.

$30 to $250 Ambulance Trip
$50 to $400 Emergency Room Visit
$5 to $45 Urgent Care Visit

The help you need to get back to good health.

Home Health $3 to $45 Per Visit
Durable Medical Equipment 10% to 20% of Bill
Skilled Nursing Care* 10% to 30% of Bill
* Full price until deductible is met, if applicable. Never more than $8,750 not $8,200 per year for an individual.

Free preventive, vision and dental care for children.

Eye Exam


One Per Year

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One Pair Per Year

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Dental Cleanings


Once Every 6 Months

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When your doctor suggests additional services, you can count on these prices.

$8 to $50 Lab Tests
$8 to $95 X-rays and Diagnostic Imaging
$50 to $325 Imaging (CT/PET scans, MRIs)
Hospital Facility Fee* 10% to 30% of Bill
* Full price until deductible is met, if applicable. Never more than $8,200 per year for an individual.

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