Medi-Cal for Families

Medi-Cal often covers everyone in a family. However, depending on a family’s household size and income, some family members may get Medi-Cal coverage, while others would be covered by Covered California. When you complete the application, the information will be used to determine how each member of your family will receive health care coverage.

Pregnant Women

Medi-Cal covers prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum care. Women who are pregnant should be sure to answer “yes" to the application question, “Are you pregnant?" For Medi-Cal, a pregnant woman is counted as two people, and income is calculated differently. This means that some women whose income was considered too high for Medi-Cal may be able to get coverage through Medi-Cal while they are pregnant.

In some cases, it is also possible to qualify for pregnancy-related Medi-Cal and also be eligible for a Covered California health plan. If so, you are not required to enroll in both programs.

If you are pregnant or become pregnant, click here to understand all of your options.


Infants born to women receiving Medi-Cal are automatically enrolled in coverage and do not need a separate application. At their first birthday, the county will complete a Medi-Cal redetermination. Based on information provided, coverage could change.

Former Foster Youth

A person who was in foster care on their 18th birthday or later may qualify for free Medi-Cal until their 26th birthday, and income does not matter. For immediate coverage for former foster youth, contact your county human services agency. Former foster youth can also complete the MC 250 A form and send it to their local office.